Fashion guide for men: tips to dress in the summer

Fashion guide for men: tips to dress in the summer
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Summer is a challenging season for men as you need to choose clothing items carefully: choosing to dress comfortably avoiding to sweat or keep your style on-point for every occasion?


Elegance vs comfort

Unlike women’s clothing, men’s clothing has a very limited choice regarding the type of garments to wear. In fact, the first part of ‘comfort or elegance’ concerns a particular choice: jeans or Bermuda shorts?  When you are undecided about which type of trousers to choose, our advice is as follows: choose it according to the situation.


As in many other things, the answer lies in the middle and in the ability to wear what is most appropriate: if you have to do a job interview for an office position, even if it is in the summer, long pants are a must; if instead you have to go out with friends or take a walk in the city, bermuda is more suitable, especially during the hot hours.


We advise you to use your discretion with good judgment, however, there are occasions when it is imperative to choose elegance instead of comfort (and vice versa). Let’s see!


When to choose elegance

We can complain as much as we want in the summer heat, but if we are invited to a ceremony or we have to meet our girl’s family, we can not certainly show up in shorts. What we can choose to wear to look good without looking too casual is the type of fabric. If you choose elegance, use cotton for the garments. Cotton garments will make you look more elegant but won’t make you drain in sweat.


When to choose comfort in the summer

At the same time, if we are invited to lunch with friends or a casual gathering, comfortable clothing is the most suitable. A comfortable clothing for men will not only avoid unpleasant problems, but also give you the chance to find your summer style. You can try to wear jersey t-shirt, short jeans to be comfortable in the summer.


What to wear: head to toe


1.         Upper men’s outfitDepending on the event, you can choose between a t-shirt, jersey, a polo shirt with short sleeves, short sleeves with buttons and a long-sleeved shirt. T-shirts are great for going to the gym or sport activities, while polo shirts with short sleeves are ideal for casual everyday wear.  Short sleeve with buttons looks more elegant, but it is rather difficult to create an “impressive look” with it, which is why it is not highly recommended for special occasions and events. For special occasions and events, the best option is a long sleeve shirt, which is certainly the most neat and elegant option. For all those who sweat a lot, you can try to wear jersey and it is a good idea to always have extra clothes to change.

2.         Jacket Special occasions in the summer need special clothes, so don’t just put your jacket in the ‘winter’ cupboard. All kinds of outdoor parties and weddings require you to look neat and elegant. The perfect summer jacket is often made of cotton and light, so opt for this type!   Other recommended garments are: seersucker that allows water through and linen that has the properties to dissipate heat and drain moisture. Jackets who are not unlined on the inside should be your first option as they are best for the summer!

3.         Lower body menswearTalking about lower body menswear, there are several options that can be chosen by men such as shorts, jeans, or trousers. Shorts belongs to the casual category and often used for sporting activities or going to the beach. We don’t recommend you to wear shorts in public if you want to keep a neat and elegant image.  Choose shorts that are made of cotton and breathable. If you want to wear shorts in public, they should be at least knee-length.

For casual evening wear, jeans are a great option. But in the summer, jeans could be a problem as they withstand heat and cause sweating. You can consider chinos for the evening and chinos is more comfortable and breathable than jeans. Trousers are recommended for special occasions and events. Made of cotton or wool, they are the best choice for every man.


General guidelines for men’s fashion for the summer

  1. A man should be clean – first of all, before wearing any clothes on, a gentleman should shower and has a nice and fresh smell. Use antiperspirant and deodorant, he never wears stained clothes, his hair is cut and well maintained. His beard is shaved or well managed with specific oils and gels.
  2. A man should wear light fabrics – light-colored fabrics and breathable materials will help a man feel comfortable. Dark colors absorb light and this can make a man sweat more, so for this reason a long-sleeved white shirt is a better choice than a black polyester t-shirt.
  3. A man should keep things to a minimum – he should wear not so many items and but they all should be of the highest quality.


We hope the tips and guidelines in this article are helpful for our male readers out there! Keep checking our website to get more tips related to menswear and fashion.


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